Range of Services

A variety of services are offered by the skilled clinicians working at Eastside Psychological Associates using respectful, clinically and culturally sensitive, approaches that incorporate the latest in evidenced based treatment modalities, including the following:
- Educational assessments, school consultation, and career exploration
- Neuropsychological evaluation for complex cognitive and academic challenges
- Consultation and treatment for children and teens with anxiety, learning problems, depression, and behavioral difficulties
- Help with friendship skills and building healthy relationships
- Adolescent and family therapy
- Skilled evaluation and strategies to assist individuals with asperger’s syndrome and autism spectrum disorders
- Strategies to assist with the challenges of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
- Psychological support for children and families dealing with chronic or acute medical conditions
- Bereavement therapy to assist families dealing with death and loss
- Dialectical behavioral (DBT), cognitive behavioral (CBT) and other skills training to help with emotional regulation and healthy choices
- Therapy for adults and children dealing with depression, trauma, and life changes
- Couples Therapy
- Treatment programs for eating disorders and body image issues
- Assistance with family changes such as adoption, divorce, and blended families
- Creative life planning and personal coaching
- Virtual reality exposure therapy for phobias